Bronagh McDonnell, PhD

Bronagh is a third-year Postdoctoral Associate at the Department of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, studying the impact disease on bladder physiological function and structure. She obtained her BSc (2009) in Biomedical Sciences at Queen’s university Belfast (Northern Ireland) and MSc (2010) and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Ulster, Coleraine (Northern Ireland). She returned to Queen’s University, Belfast to complete her PhD in Biomedical Sciences where she investigated the damaging effects of ionizing radiation on bladder structure and function using animal and human models (2015). Bronagh moved abroad in October 2015 to take up her first Postdoc position here at the University of Pittsburgh to investigate the impact of psychological stress on the bladder and secured a 1 year fellowship from American Urological Association in 2016. Bronagh continues now to be Postdoctoral Associate and Advocacy Chair for the UPPDA (2018).

Bronagh grew grew up in Ireland, has an identical twin sister and is the youngest of five. She enjoys playing team sports and excelled at her national sport in Ireland, called Camogie, in which she represented her local, university, county and province in national tournaments. Back home, it would not be unusual to see Bronagh out on her family farm in welly boots driving the tractor! Bronagh loves engaging her body, hands and mind to get things done. In Pittsburgh, Bronagh enjoys cycling, painting, drawing, yoga, aromatherapy and music. Bronagh is an ENFP and feels passionate about people and their needs. She is looking forward to getting involved in the UPPDA board as Advocacy Chair to serve in whatever way is necessary.