Ceren Tuzmen, PhD

Ceren is a second-year Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. She moved to Pittsburgh from Istanbul, Turkey where she received her BS in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Ceren completed her doctoral studies at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the Biological Sciences Department. Her post-doctoral research focuses on development of neutralization-resistant oncolytic viral vectors to be used as effective systemic therapies for metastatic cancers. She likes to travel, take photographs, exercise and paint. Ceren also loves to cook and explore different cuisines.

I’m excited that I will be serving as the Career Development Chair for the 2018-2019 University of Pittsburgh Postdoctoral Association (UPPDA) Executive Board! I believe that career development should be a significant part of our postdoctoral experience in order for us to become competitive candidates not only in academia but also outside of academia. Launching a career after postdoc appears to be a challenge since we need guidance and support to build the skills and competencies required to make a transition. As the Career Development Chair for the 2018-2019 UPPDA Executive Board, I’m hoping to facilitate the transition to our next career, by identifying content; creating new resources or improving available resources; arranging training opportunities and workshops for career development.

Ceren can be contacted at cet51@pitt.edu.