Chelsea Stillman Candidate Manifesto 2017

Chelsea Stillman, PhD

Manifesto for of the UPPDA President position 

I am a second year postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Psychiatry, where I am studying the effects of exercise on cognitive and brain health. Having completed a term on the UPPDA Board as Advocacy Chair, I am now running for UPPDA President for the 2017 term.

I’m excited for the opportunity to continue working on improving the lives of postdocs here at Pitt. As Advocacy Chair, I identified common issues and concerns affecting our postdoc community. I then worked closely with upper-level administration to formulate effective solutions to these concerns, and set the necessary procedures for change in motion. For example, with the assistance of the Advocacy committee, I wrote a proposal to extend certain health benefits at Pitt to be comparable with that offered at competitor institutions, as well as the National Institutes of Health. Through this process I became acquainted with the inner workings of the University and brought this important postdoctoral issue to the forefront of discussion amongst Pitt senior administrators.

As President, I will continue to solicit feedback from the Pitt postdoctoral community regarding the resources we need and issues we most care about. I will then work with the 2017 Board to improve our overall experience. I look forward to the possibility of leading this year’s UPPDA Executive Board and hope you will vote for me!