Executive Board Positions

Executive Board Responsibilities


  • Chair and preside over Executive Board meetings and Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) meetings
  • Coordinate the running of the UPPDA
  • Act as official representative of the UPPDA to the University and external (outside the University) officials and parties
  • Maintain the professional image of the UPPDA
  • Serve as the official UPPDA contact for the FAB
  • Serve as the focal point for fundraising efforts
  • Authorize and verify all expenditures
  • Prepare an annual budget to be submitted for University approval  
  • Provide activity updates to the Executive Board and, when appropriate, OACD or other University bodies

Advocacy Chair

  • Participate on the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) Advocacy Committee
  • Increase the membership participation and involvement from all postdoctoral members of the University of Pittsburgh community
  • Work with the OACD on advocacy issues for postdocs at the local level
  • Conduct necessary background research and draft proposals for change to present to senior University administrators
  • Coordinate and schedule Executive Board Meetings
  • Write and distribute the minutes of all Executive Board meetings
  • Recruit and utilize at least three University of Pittsburgh Postdoctoral Associates/Scholars, or Research Associates to serve as committee members
  • Assume the responsibilities of the President when the President is absent

Career Development Chair

  • Coordinate and manage all activities and events related to professional development including the Data & Dine Symposium, the Postdoc to Postdoc (P2P) seminar series, UPPDA involvement in the Science 201X symposium, and Monthly Career Club meetings
  • Organize postdoctoral career fairs
  • Identify, advertise, and execute new career/training opportunities for postdocs

Networking Chair (formerly Outreach Chair)

  • Develop and maintain an active postdoctoral Alumni Network including at least two networking events per year to bring together alumni and current postdoctoral professionals
  • Maintain the Pitt Postdoctoral Network page on LinkedIn
  • Coordinate all events for Postdoctoral Appreciation Week
  • Coordinate four "Happy Hour" social gatherings per year
  • Coordinate all external/volunteer activities of the UPPDA including Pittsburgh Science Fair judging, High School Science Motivation, and Participation in the University of Pittsburgh Mobile Lab
  • Work with the University Center for Teaching and Learning and local schools and colleges to promote teaching development initiatives for postdocs
  • Assume the responsibilities of the Communications Chair when the Communications Chair is absent. The Networking Chair will have access to all email, website, and social media accounts.

Communications Chair

  • Advertise and notify the Membership of postdoctoral events
  • Generate flyers, advertisements, and registration links for events
  • Keep an updated distribution list of Postdoctoral Professionals at the University
  • Ultimately responsible for keeping the website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page up to date
  • Field emails from the UPPDA account and forward them to the appropriate committee member or OACD official
  • Launch and maintain the postdoc online forum

International Chair

  • Collaborate with the Office of International Studies (OIS) and large ethnic student organizations on campus
  • Host at least two seminars yearly for international postdocs
  • Host a Facebook group for international postdocs which would include a wall for connecting incoming postdocs to existing postdocs
  • Maintain content for an International Page on the UPPDA website, which would include resources specific to International Postdocs
  • Recruit and utilize at least three University of Pittsburgh Postdoctoral Associates/Scholars, or Research Associates to serve as committee members
  • Serve (with committee members) as points of contact for International postdocs seeking information or assistance

Duties Common to All Positions

  • Perform other duties as deemed necessary by the Executive Board
  • Present a report to the Membership detailing the actions of the UPPDA and Executive Board as requires
  • Provide content to the Communications Chair for Regular website/social media updates
  • Recruit and utilize at least three University postdoctoral associates/scholars to serve as committee members

As a whole, the Executive Board works towards planning the major events sponsored by the UPPDA, including:

  • Monthly P2P Events
  • Annual Data & Dine Symposium (May)
  • Fall Picnic (September)
  • Science 20XX Career Symposium (October)
  • Immigration Seminar (with OIS)
  • New activities!