National Postdoc Survey Outcomes

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The 2016 National Postdoc Survey (NPS), designed and executed by the National Postdoc Survey Research Team (NPSRT) at the University of Chicago, closed at the end of August. Based on the results of this survey, the University of Pittsburgh had an excellent response rate (roughly ten times the turnout relative to an even split of the 300+ participating institutions!), and for that, the NPSRT and the UPPDA Executive Board would like to thank you.

The preliminary results show that Pitt Postdocs are, overall, satisfied with their fellowships, with the majority of postdocs indicating that their mentors are supportive of their career plans, and a large majority being satisfied with the professional development opportunities here at Pitt. However, over twice as many postdocs felt they were only “somewhat confident” in their ability to achieve their career goals relative to those who were “very confident”. The NPSRT plans to publish their findings in the future, and the UPPDA Board is dedicated to addressing the concerns of Pitt Postdocs as indicated by the survey.

The UPPDA is also pleased to announce the following winners of the travel awards drawn from the pool of individuals who participated in the NPS:

Dan Siconolfi, Postdoctoral Scholar, Dept. of Behavioral & Community Health Sciences, Graduate School of Public Health

Cheryl Bell, Postdoctoral Associate, Dept. of Cell Biology, School of Medicine

Amanda Gleixner, Postdoctoral Associate, Dept. of Neurobiology, School of Medicine


Congratulations to the travel award winners! Keep an eye out for more opportunities to win prizes from the UPPDA.

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