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News from the National Postdoctoral Association Annual Meeting

by User Not Found | May 29, 2011
The President of UPPDA, Dr. Timothy Maul, along with members of the Office of Academic Career Development (OACD) attended the annual National Postdoctoral Association Meeting in Bethesda, MD from March 25-27. The conference was a success in that it met the expected goals of attendance, provided the attendees with a number of interesting talks, and served as a great networking event.

Keynote Speaker

The keynote speaker for the conference was Kei Koizumi, the Assistant Director for Federal Research and Development at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). The title of his talk was: Research and Development Funding in the 2012 Budget and Science and Technology Policy in the Obama Administration.

Meeting Highlights

Dr. Timothy Maul presented a poster entitled: Celebrating Postdoctoral Accomplishments: Annual Data & Dine Symposium at the University of Pittsburgh. His poster was well-received, and it highlighted not only the quality of the postdocs at the University of Pittsburgh but also the success of UPPDA and OACD in supporting the postdoctoral community at this university.

After returning from the meeting, Dr. Maul said that, compared to other universities, our postdoctoral association here at the University of Pittsbugh is quite developed. So, postdocs, please continute to take advantage of the programs that UPPDA has to offer! He also came back with many new ideas about how we could expand the programming that is offered (both social and professional) to US and international postdocs as well as how we can expand our social networking presence.
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