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by Kim Payne | Jan 24, 2013

 The Journal of Postdoctoral Research, JPR, is all set to go live this 20th with many papers in a range of disciplines peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. This is an initiative to highlight postdocs contribution to ongoing research in ANY field. As you agree, postdocs are the backbone of almost all major accomplishments and JPR is a serious effort to highlight this fact. This is endorsed by an advisory panel of eminent scientists including a Nobel Laureate. There has been a tremendous support from all postdoctoral associations within and outside the US. The editorial board consists of postdocs from various universities within/outside the US, various disciplines etc.

JPR is currently inviting submissions for the March issue, set for the 20th of the month. The submission to acceptance time-frame for well written Reviews has been less than 6 weeks.  Submissions received up until the 15th of February can be refereed and inserted in the March issue. If you have a manuscript ready, please submit at your earliest convenience. If not, we would urge you to consider writing-up and submitting before Feb 15th, it will be greatly appreciated.12 monthly issues a year are being planned with at least 10 papers per issue, to begin with, set to release on the 20th of each month.

This is your journal and can go as far as you take it.


Partha Ramasastry, PhD,
Managing Editor,, a Journal of postdoctoral Research and Postdoctoral Affairs.
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