Patricia de la Tremblaye Candidate Manifesto 2017

Patricia B. de la Tremblaye, PhD

Manifesto for UPPDA Networking Chair position

I would like to present myself for the position of Networking Chair, and member of the 2017 UPPDA Executive Board. I am a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation of the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research at the University of Pittsburgh. My research focuses on the neuroendocrine and endocannabinoid systems in targeting therapeutic strategies relevant to cognitive and emotional impairments observed in CNS injured patients. I completed my doctoral degree in experimental psychology with specialization in behavioral neuroscience at the University of Ottawa. I have experience in serving on academic committees and have been working on PR/social media projects in various contexts. For example, I was in charge of logistics, communications and public relations for a conference I helped found at the University of Ottawa, called the Interdisciplinary Conference in Psychology featuring international keynote speakers. I was also the student-life commissioner for the Graduate Student Association at the University of Ottawa, where I organized all sorts of activities, including welcome week, the grad ball, and the Graduate Students Annual interdisciplinary conference. I was President of the Association for graduate students in Psychology, organizing board meetings, and advocating on behalf of graduate students during meetings with the administration. I was also part of the Brain Buddies Outreach club, where I gave presentations on topics such as cognitive decline and brain health to the elderly and pre-university (drug effects) communities. I am also currently the postdoctoral representative for the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, in which I helped organize social and academic activities for the postdoctoral community of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. These positions allowed me to learn effective ways and skills of interacting with people in academia and in the community at various levels, ensuring that I will be successful and efficient at fulfilling my duties as a UPPDA executive board member.

I love organizing events, and I look forward to plan and coordinate Postdoctoral Appreciation Week, networking events, and “Happy Hour" social gatherings, bringing together alumni and current postdoctoral professionals. I am also happy to assist the Career Development Chair in development activities such as the annual Data & Dine Symposium seminars, and workshops, enabling postdocs to practice presenting and providing the possibility to discuss research in various disciplines. I will also seek out postdocs that are not well represented, by working closely with the advocacy and international chairs through monthly Career Club meetings to work towards resolving adversities and identifying avenues for alternative career/training opportunities. I look forward to working with the University Center for Teaching and Learning to promote development initiatives for postdocs. In concert with the Office of Academic Career Development and local academic institutions, I look forward to assist postdocs in building teaching initiatives, professional connections, while developing career-focused skills, and long-term higher-level job opportunities. I plan to reach out to associations and organizations in and around the University of Pittsburgh that offer venues for postdocs to present their research or opportunities that can benefit postdoc development. Additionally, I aim to continue the work that has been conducted so far by the UPPDA in establishing a formal database of Pitt alumni and postdoctoral professionals, which could prove fruitful to current and future postdoctoral scholars at the University of Pittsburgh when it comes to networking and future employment opportunities. I also aim to assist the president serving, and representing postdocs at various administrative levels and during important local and external events. As Networking Chair, I aim to conduct dynamic networking activities, while serving the interests and conveying concerns and ideas, to enhance the experience and sense of community of UPPDA members.