Postdoc Spotlight - Dr. Andre L. Brown

July, 2017

Title: A Mixed Methods Study of Socioeconomic Standing, Masculinity, and Concurrent Sexual Partnerships among Black Men

PhD Field: Health Behavior (Public Health). How I arrived at this specialization is a long story. The short version is that I studied abroad in South Africa the summer before my junior year of undergrad, was introduced to the field of public health during that experience, and decided to dedicate my career to understanding human behavior and how it impacts individuals' health outcomes.

Current Research: (1) Conducting a needs assessment to uncover the health needs and resources and of men in Allegheny County and (2) Examining the impact of masculinity on the sexual beliefs and behaviors of Black men who have sex with men.

Greatest experience of last year: Earning my PhD

Next Career Step: An assistant professorship with a research focus on participatory strategies for examining and intervening on social determinants of health inequities among Black men and boys. 

Career if not a scientist: A pastry chef