Santosh Chandrasekaran

Santosh is a first year Postdoctoral Associate in the Rehab Neural Engineering Lab at the Department of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation (School of Medicine). After obtaining a Masters in Biotechnology from Pune, India, he came to the US to attend graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University. While initially interested in cell and molecular biology, Santosh discovered neuroscience at CMU and ultimately went on to earn his PhD from a neuroscience lab, under Dr. Alison Barth. His dissertation work involved the development of a machine learning algorithm that can evaluate synaptic changes in the brain in a high-throughput and unbiased manner. Now, his research interest lies in the clinical application of neuroscience. He works with Drs. Lee Fisher and Rob Gaunt to introduce sensory feedback from artificial limbs (prostheses) to the human nervous system, thus potentially restoring sensation in amputees.

Having been in Pittsburgh for 7 years now, he loves the city and has quite a good knowledge of what’s hip and happening. He has been involved in the past with the Explorer’s Club of Pittsburgh and the Astronomy Club of CMU and thus, has been on both backpacking and astronomy trips. He is an avid skier and loves photography and is a voracious reader. He hopes he can employ his love and knowledge of Pittsburgh to help welcome incoming international postdocs and aid them as they settle down in a new city and country.