Shimrit Daches Yichye

A. In what field was your PhD? How did you arrive at this specialization?

I received my PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. My PhD is in cognitive mechanisms of depression. I came to this after doing clinical work with depressed youth in community treatment centers and after learning about some very interesting work my mentor (to be) had been doing in the field.


B. What is your current research project?

Currently I am working with Prof. Maria Kovacs. Prof. Kovacs’ research group focuses on the course and long-term outcome of juvenile-onset depressive disorders, and the study of emotion regulation as a key mechanism. Our newest project seeks to characterize psychological and physiological trajectories of the regulation of sadness up to middle-age among adults with juvenile-onset depressive disorders and healthy controls and also examine the role of decision making in emotion regulation. This study includes adults who were followed since their juvenile years.


C. Tell us about a great experience or opportunity you have had in the past year.

Relocation to the US was a great experience for me and my family and we will be going back home in the summer. Professionally, I have enjoyed taking part in a large-scale research project and working with some of the influential people in my field. I also had the opportunity to travel to some very interesting conferences and present my work there.


D. What do you hope the next step in your career path to be?

The ideal plan is to find a position in academia that will allow me to still do clinical work as I am also a clinical psychologist. I am hoping to be able to balance it with spending enough time with my loved ones.