About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the UPPDA is to facilitate a more constructive and positive experience for postdoctoral professionals that will benefit postdoctoral professionals and the University of Pittsburgh alike.

UPPDA's Executive Board consists of a President and six board members.

Information about the current Executive Board can be found here.

The focus of the efforts of the UPPDA includes:

Institutional Representation

Create avenues through which the postdoctoral professionals develop a dialog with The University of Pittsburgh administration and external venues to address concerns regarding benefits, grievances, and institutional policies.

Career Development

Provide centralized resources for career development, postdoctoral training opportunities, job placement resources and alternative career path information.


Promote interactions among postdoctoral professionals, as well as with former University of Pittsburgh postdoctoral professionals. Assist incoming postdoctoral professionals with logistics and by providing social contacts.


Increase institutional and external awareness of both faculty and postdoctoral professionals about relevant University of Pittsburgh postdoctoral policies and activities, and federal guidelines affecting postdoctoral professionals.