University of Pittsburgh Postdoctoral Association



  • 1. What is the difference between a Postdoctoral Associate (PDA) and a Postdoctoral Scholar (PDS)?

  • 2. What health insurance coverage do I get from the University?

  • 3. What do I do if I have an accident at work?

  • 4. How much vacation time am I entitled to?

  • 5. What if I need to take leave due to pregnancy, long term sickness or to care for a family member?

  • 6. Am I entitled to participate in the University’s pension scheme?

  • 7. Can I be covered by the University paid basic life insurance?

  • 9. What do I do if I experience sexual harassment or discrimination at work?

  • 8. What do I do if I feel I have been unfairly treated or have a conflict in the workplace?

  • 10. What are my responsibilities as a postdoc and what are my mentor’s responsibilities to me?

  • 11. What can I do if my mentor doesn’t fulfill their responsibilities to me?

University of Pittsburgh administrators take their obligation to postdocs very seriously.  These policies are in place to protect members of the University community and prevent abuse to anyone working at the University of Pittsburgh.  If you have a serious problem at work that needs urgent attention, please contact:

The Office of Academic Career Development

The Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
     Stephanie Hoogendoorn, Assistant to the Provost

or for any concern you may contact:

The UPPDA Advocacy Committee
Privacy Policy